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Congratulations Czech team!

I would like to give a hearty congratulations to the Czech team! At first, I was skeptical over how the whole thing was going to turn out, especially after the extremely long wait of the 99% completed course. However, I just started learning Czech to see what it was like and I love it! I knew no Czech before today, but the Czech course has turned out exceptionally well.


September 5, 2017



I've rushed through the course a little bit, so I might not retain many words but I'm still enjoying the course!


Me too. TBH, I was trying to have the highest Czech level of all users. But like you, I'm still enjoying the course! It's pure awesome!


Nueby has 4030 EXP in Czech already, but I believe he was one of the top contributors.


You're not gonna get very far. Someone already has level 11...they tested out, I'm assuming...


Yup. At one point, I gave up. So now I'm just going at a normal pace :)


Almost certainly testing out.

I got to level 8 within an hour of completion by testing out :p

(Based mostly on what knew from Slovak and some crumbs of actual Czech I had picked up.)


A big thank you to them as well! Czech (as with other Slavic languages that aren't Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish) is much lesser-known, so it's great to see it finally reach beta!


Děkujeme Vám. Blahopřejeme českému týmu!


I love this course! Dekuji!

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