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Do Czech keyboards have more keys than an English one?

I set my keyboard to Czech when I started this course and there where quiet a few symbols that I couldn't find on my keyboard. Thank you in advance

September 5, 2017



Here is an American keyboard in black with the Czech layout in purple.


No, it does not. The "missing" characters are either under numbers (you need to use SHIFT to get numbers in Czech) or under ; = ů, [ = ú

on top of that there are some characters where you have to combine two keys. Typically = and + (that is what you see on your english keyboard) when combined with some letters produce Ď ď, Ť ť Ň ň á Á... etc.

also, you have an option to set Czech keyboard as QWERTY or QWERTZ. I strongly recommend QWERTY if you are used to English keyboard.


No, Czech keyboards have the same amount of keys. You can use stickers:

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