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  5. "hezký muž"

"hezký muž"

Translation:handsome man

September 5, 2017



why doesn't it accept "nice" for "hezky" here ?


Copying my answer from another post re: nice

The problem here is English and how Duo handles the courses. NICE when you speak about people in English does not refer to their external beauty but rather internal. BUT if you say 'nice' about a car in english, it refers to what it looks like and can be translated as 'hezky'. So the word 'hezky/hezka' has both hints but in this case only one can be used.


So, could it be concluded 'hezký muž' should never be translated as 'nice man' in English?


you wouldn't say a cute man in English. It would be a cute boy.


Czech does not have articles. So when you just say "hezký muž" completely out of context like this, you could be saying "the handsome man" or "a handsome man" or, in rare cases, just "handsome man". This question really should accept any one of these as correct.

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