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  5. "Jak je ta mašina stará?"

"Jak je ta mašina stará?"

Translation:How old is that machine?

September 5, 2017



How do you know this isn't "How is that old machine?" (like is it still holding together and likely to continue to do so)? Would "stará" be before "mašina" in that case?


How is that hold machine? As in how is it doing? We would have to change the sentence slightly in addition to reversing the adjective position. Jak se daří té staré mašině? Or if you meant something closer to how is it performing, Jaká je ta stará mašina?


How about " Jak stará je ta mašina?", the same word order as in Engish? Can it mean "how old is the machine?" or will it change it?


That translation is also accepted


Got it. "dařit" which is reflexive and takes dativ for well-being and "jaká" for performance. Děkují!


Jaká is really for characteristics. What is our experience with it. How do we find it.


I see. Makes sense.

I think it's time to abandon the pretense that I'm not learning Czech yet...


What is the difference between "mašina" and "stroj"? Two words for the same thing or two similar, but different things?


It is more or less the same thing. Mašina is little more colloguial in my opinion. And mašina can also mean a locomtive, which stroj typically does not. But in most cases you can use one or the other.


How would you translate the sentence: "How is that machine old?!" For example, if someone claimed that your new machine is old, this would be your response


Is there anything i got wrong translating it like such

What is that machine's age?


message to mods, Also in this particular case what is best for me to do. Should I report my sentence as should be accepted? Even though I'm unsure if it should be. Or should I just post a comment about it and not report it?


If you want to see an answer, ask here.

[deactivated user]

    As Polish, I'm extremely confused that ta/ty/to doesn't mean "this"

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