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"Viděli jsme před sebou širokou řeku."

Translation:We saw a wide river in front of us.

September 5, 2017



Is "We saw a broad river before us?" also acceptable?


Why isn't "We saw in front of us a wide river" allowed?


Haha.. I just got tripped up by exactly this same thing 11 months later and came here to ask the same question again. Oops!


We saw before us a wide river? Makes sense in English


"Before" is used for time statements. Like "I have seen you there before 4 o'clock". For location statements, "in front of" is used. They cannot be used for the other purpose respectively. I hope that was right.


Native UK English speaker here! There is definitely a meaning of "before" that literally means "in front of", though it may be slightly archaic. If "we saw a wide river before us" isn't accepted as a valid answer then I think it should be. However, I assume the form "We saw before us a wide river" is getting rejected for the same reason as "We saw in front of us a wide river" e.g. presumably someone doesn't accept that it sounds natural enough to an English speaker, and/or thinks it's too much of a word-for-word translation?

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