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  5. "new street"

"new street"

Translation:nová ulice

September 5, 2017



So despite the "-e"-ending, "ulice" is feminine rather than neuter?


Yes, ulice is feminine. Just because a noun has a -e doesn't make it neuter.

The "template" words (sorry, I don't know the proper term for these) for feminine are: žena růže píseň kost

It turns out that an -e noun can be any of the genders! It can be masculine (following the "soudce" template), feminine (following the "růže" format), or neuter (following either "moře" or "kuře").

Edit: It turns out that the "templates" are supposedly called inflectional paradigms.


Yes. Actually, all three genders can have the "-e" ending.


This is one of those times where having Russian is a little like having a cheat sheet, since street is улица and unambiguously feminine in Russian!


Very useful observation! Díky!

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