Lab stories

Is there any way to write my own story? And when will the Alpha version be out? It's annoying because I'm not studying Portugese or Spanish..

September 5, 2017


No way to write your stories. Let's hope it graduates out of beta so we can see it expanded! =]

I don't think there's a way to write your own story. They're only doing Spanish and Portuguese to test the feature; if it passes, they'll add more languages to stories.

Don't think ya can write your own stories p.s: Love your profile

There's not a way as of currently to write your own story in Duolingoes Stories, but after being tested on a small scale, there's a chance that the feature might be expanded into more languages.

Try (I have no idea if Esperanto is even listed there, as I was using Portuguese BR).

I am really enjoying the Spanish story lab............Hope, Hope Hope they will do the same thing in German!

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