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  5. People are following me

People are following me

[deactivated user]

    Why are people following me? I do not even know them!

    September 5, 2017



    Some people just like to randomly follow other people.

    Or if they see you being nice, and they like the way you act or are acting towards the community, they will follow you. It's more likely the first though.

    You don't have to follow them back.


    Right. There are some people that are on the following end, and there are some on the followed end.


    for a second i thought that people were following you in real life and you had come to duolingo for advice XD lol


    When they follow you they can see your xp and potentially use that to motivate themselves to work harder. :)


    It's fine. They just think you're a cool person. Or maybe they just want followers, so they follow other people in hope that you will follow them back. It doesn't matter; 130 people are following me whom I don't know, I just ignore most of them.


    Now it is 608 lol :)

    [deactivated user]


      Es bueno para motivarte al ver los demás puntajes, sabes yo pensaba que jugaba mucho pero al ver el puntaje semanal de mis compañeros me di cuenta que hay gente que juega mucho.


      um if people like the languages you do or if they just want to follow you so you will follow them some people do that.


      There's always the option of blocking them!


      Competition! Quality posts! They can't exactly "stalk" you on Duolingo, so people following you is just something fun and harmless.


      As well as the motivation reasons, the new 'goals' on the app include following 3 people, so mabe its users just trying to get their goals!

      [deactivated user]

        lweltin, how do i block them?


        I'm not lweltin (as you can undoubtingly see), but that's how it's done:

        1. Click on the profil of the person you want to block (you can find a link to this person's profile in the message telling you that they follow you).
        2. You now see this shiny green button in the middle of the page that says "follow".
        3. Ignore the green button. A little above on the right you see an almost invisible grey sign.
        4. Move your curser on this almost invisible grey sign. Now a text appear that says "block" or something in that direction.
        5. Click if you want to block this particular user.

        Good luck and don't worry about this too much, these people probably just want some competition on their leaderbord.


        Unless it is super irritating to you, i.e they keep following and unfollowing you, they're being a bully, threating or tormenting you, I wouldn't block them. Why would you need to? If they aren't doin' nothin wrong, what did they do and why would you want to block them?

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