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  5. "Are the sentences nice?"

"Are the sentences nice?"

Translation:Jsou ty věty hezké?

September 5, 2017



Are you feeling self-conscious, Duo?


I put Jsou hezké ty věty? Is that incorrect because of the word order?


Is there a reason "dobré" doesn't work in place of "hezké" in this context? I know it's not a direct translation, but it seems like it would have the same meaning.


These are two different word with different meanings.


Right, but I feel like "nice" in this context, in English, would be pretty similar to "good." I guess I'm in more of a mindset of conveying the same meaning rather than just translating word-for-word. For example, the phrase "je m'apelle" in French translates directly to "I call myself" but the more natural translation would be "my name is."


Jsou to věty hezké

Why is this incorrect?


věta is feminine, "ta věta" plural "ty věty"

And "Are those nice sentences?" would be "Jsou to hezké věty?", your order would be pretty strange.


Thanks, I should have known that. I'm taking notes since I realized that the Czech language is harder than I thought. I am writing down practically everything in your tips section but it takes more to get it into my head.


What's the difference between "Jsou ty věty hezké?" and "Ty věty jsou hezké?" ? Do they have the same meaning?


The other is more like a declarative question. Just like in English.


Why use "the" in plural? Is it not mistake?


It is not a mistake. Examples:

I see the dog / I see the dogs.
The cat is white / The cats are white.
That is the man / Those are the men.


"Are sentences nice?" is definitely "Jsou věty hezké?" and it's a weird question.

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