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  5. "Cine este zeul fulgerului?"

"Cine este zeul fulgerului?"

Translation:Who is the god of lightning?

September 5, 2017



You should allow the "god of thunder" as a valid translation. Even though "fulger" translates into "lightning", in English, the god is referred to as the "god of thunder" more than the "god of lightning".

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If you want to ask who is a god in person, you may ask "Cine este zeul...". The answer may be: "Eu sunt", or "El este". If you want to ask about the name of a god, you should ask "Care este zeul...".

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In a christian vision mixed with old romanian stories this sentence may be: "Ce sfânt patronează furtunile?" and the answer may be "Sfântul Ilie". For romanians, the word "zei" is used for the english word "gods" especially with the refference to the greec mithology.

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