Big shout out to Team Czech for the course!

Thank you Duolingo for making this a reality. Czech is a beautiful language and I encourage people who want to learn it to dive right into it.

  • Zeta [DragonPolyglot] :)
September 5, 2017


I agree! I've enjoyed Czech so far! It's amazing and it was worth the wait.

[deactivated user]

    Best language course on Duolingo! :D

    We waited a looong while, but it was totally worth it! Děkuji nueby, kacenka, pavelprague, valaCZE, marquisedebat, JanTatouse, jgstcd and Iva818387!

    Thank you so much, Duolingo! You don't have any idea how glad I am, because I've been waiting for this course for many years. :)

    Go Czech! Děkuji, Czech Team! You guys are awesome!

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