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"What are those five hundred ugly birds doing here?"

Translation:Co tady dělá těch pět set ošklivých ptáků?

September 5, 2017



Why is genitive plural causing the verb to be 3.p.sg? In other words, why not dělají?

Edit: Found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czech_declension#Plural_forms

  • For higher numbers or when used with a quantifying adjective, the genitive form is used, and if followed by a verb, these forms are followed by singular verbs in the neuter gender.

so I guess it's just a peculiarity of Czech. Could not find in course notes here.


As a help for this to make more sense, compare it to the English "a lot of birds" -- "a lot" has an indefinite article as a singular entity and it's followed by "of birds", which is equivalent to the genitive plural. In Czech, "sto ptáků" works the same way and it's followed by a singular verb as a singular entity.


Is těch both these and those? And can't tady be at the end of the sentence?


It is those. See https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34524168 It is genitive plural of ten. těchto would be genitive plural of tento.

Tady can be at the end in this particular sentence.


'Co dělá tady těch pět set ošklivých ptáků?' is unexpectedly wrong. Why?


Maybe it is actually possible, but it could be easilly confused for "tadytěch" which is a form of "tadyten" (a colloquial demonstrative, "this one here"). Tady sounds much better in the second position here.


Wow, I couldn't possibly have known that...


When is it tech and when is it techto? This is driving me nuts


I don't understand why "Co tady dělají těch pět set ošklivych ptáků" is wrong. Can't find a translation/equivalent in English or French using singular


You need dělá, numbers above four are followed by the noun in the genitive case and couple with a singular verb.

čtyři ptáci dělají
pět ptáků dělá


Tak fajn rozumím! (opravdu, nerozumím ale videla jsem že je to tak)

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