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  5. "¿Eres mexicano?"

"¿Eres mexicano?"

Translation:Are you Mexican?

March 11, 2013



Ugh, I hate when I can't hear the difference between "El es" and "Eres"


That happens with me often, especially with the male voice


And my father would tell this dude what he always tells me, "You are talking WAY too fast. I can't understand you." Since we have no context to judge meaning by, brother needs to cool his linguistic jets.


Look at what you have to say.


I feel lo mismo amigo.


"Él es" -> He is (3rd person) "Eres (tú)" -> You are (2nd person)


Are you a Mexican is correct also.


Very small point - "Are you a Mexican?" would be understood in English, but adding the "a" gives it an odd-ish twist. Adding the "a" or "an" in relation to occupation or sports ("Are you a lawyer", "Are you a soccer player") or affiliation ("Are you a Republican?") is common, but with nationalities or religious affiliation ("Are you a Catholic?"), "a" or "an" isn't as common.


True. It feels almost ... racist? It's like by turning it from an adjective to a noun, the nationality becomes that person's defining characteristic (as opposed to simply being human, but a Mexican one)


Just because it is talking about someones' nationality or skin color does NOT make it racist. All people, no matter what nationality or skin color, needs to realize that and they need to not get offended so easily.


Hello Angry_Mongoose: I agree, but why do you have Angry in your user name?


because they're an angry mongoose of course


Yeah I was thinking that


Well said Til. Also adding the "a" is marginally considered to have a racist connotation or a negative, in English. Not sure if it is the same in Spanish


Are you Mexican? pregunta en general Are you a Mexican? pregunta en particular


So <X> is sometimes pronounced [h] and sometimes [ks] like in English. Is there a rule to that?


There is no rule for it; you just have to memorize which words take which sound. Some «x»s are like (in IPA) [x] (depending on where you are from either [h] like in English, or like the „ch“ in German „ach“): «México, mexicano, etc.». Others are like [ks], such as «éxito, examen, experto, sexto, etc.». It can even make the [t͡ʃ ] sound, the Spanish «ch» sound, in some proper nouns like «Xitle, Xela, etc.».


In Spanish, it is only these three sounds, but English has a few alternate sounds for "x," and Portuguese even has five different ways to pronounce it. :D


A little of history.

The X used being a spanish J in the old times. Nowadays it has changed and mostly words have a J instead of a X (for example, Don Quijote used being spelled as Don Quixote).

Mexico keeps its X for tradition. We just accostumed to read it and spell it that way for 500 years (the same apply to many cities and towns in Mexico, that were founded or discovered in the XVI).

The RAE accepts Mexico with J, but personally, it makes our eyes bleed.


The "X" can be "H" or "KS" or "SH". There's no rule. I still wonder how to pronounce the names Xavier/Ximena/Xavi and is it Ximena or it's Jimena??? Some people pronounce Xavi as Shavi. But as ZuMako8_Momo said, the "X" used to be the Spanish "J" once upon a time. In my language (Bulgarian) and in other Slavic languages, our "H" is "X". And when we say "hahaha" we write it "xaxaxa" but the "x" there is "h".


When I lived in Mexico (for 5 years) Xavier was generally written "Javier" and was pronounced "Havier."
Mexico was ALWAYS pronounced "meHico." Most of the audio on DuoL is wrong on this word.


Language is very interesting. Thank you Evi


You're welcome, Gigi!


'eres' vs 'tú eres' is the same, right? Please answer my guys


Yes. The pronoun is rarely used in Spanish, usually just for emphasis on the subject or in cases where the subject could be confused.


a la frontera entre EEUU y méxico: eres mexicano?


Sal de nuestro país!!


I answered "Are you Mexican?" and Duolingo said it was wrong and that the right answer is "Are you Mexican?" I didn't seen an option to report it. Has anyone else had that same error happen?


yea, i jut quit the lesson, since you can't finish it


I was told that in Spanish, Mexico is pronounced "MEH - hee - coh" with a hard H sound on the X. And yet, here in the lesson, it's pronounced the same way an English speaker would say it, "MEHks - ih - coh". Why? Are they both right?


The question eternal of Donald Trump


Sounds like él es mexicano which infuriates me.


I heard "el es mexicano" el es sounds like eres


Just got this question on studies. Since I was born American some 70 years ago, I quickly answered w/o thinking "Are you American" which is only one country to the south, but still wrong. What'd know..... did they mark me wrong? Nope, gave me an Correct answer response! Honest mistake if transaction is between humans, but assume I'm dealing with auto response robots..... FEED BACK PLEASE


Eres Mexicano or Tu eres Mexicano?


Both are correct.


Does "mexicana" refer to a female and "mexicano" to a male?


Yes, you are right


How about Tú eres mexicano? Is this wrong


Sounded like so es, not eres


I have a question. I hear "El es mexicano" . So, what is the difference between "El es" and "Eres" in terms of pronuciation?


Well if you say "Eres mexicano" you're saying "You are mexican" but if you say "Él es mexicano" you'll say "He is mexican"

In pronunciation there is a big difference, pretty much marked by the sound of "r" in eres, you just have to listen both terms properly pronounced.


My Spanish friend says a lot of Duolingo "Spanish" phrases are Mexican.


Eres Méxicsno means Are you Mexican


No, yo soy americana.


It wouldn't register and said I was wrong because it said it couldn't hear me


Typo in mexican i put me ican so i wS right not wrong!!!!

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