I don't want lingots I want to see progress and an improvement in fluency. I have been stuck with 61% fluency and a level of 25 for several months now. I can't figure out the system.

September 5, 2017


The fluency meter is EXTREMELY inaccurate. Don't trust it. Don't worry about it. Don't care about it. It's just not worth it. It's in no way reliable.

Also, level 25 is the highest level there is, so you cannot go higher than that.

Hi, the fluency score will fluctuate from time to time, depending on what material and how often you've practiced. Usually, the percentage will max out somewhere between 50% and 60% fluent, but a good number of users have achieved higher and lower fluency scores. It's based on the accuracy of your answers and the progress you've made, so it might not measure your fluency completely accurate.

Here's a short and detailed article from Duolingo's Help Center that describes what the fluency score features means exactly:

Levels are based only on the total amount of experience points you've gained for that specific course, and level 25 is the highest level that exists currently.

Fluency scores are useless, they are very inaccurate. And as of now all languages have a level cap of 25.

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