Children's Books Recommendations?

Can anyone recommend any Children's books in Hebrew? תודה רבה

September 5, 2017


Hey, here are some of the names of the classics. By the way, the children books usually have high language level, so you should also try to just take a reguler action book and it will be good.

דירה להשכיר, תירס חם, הבית של יעל, איה פלוטו, מעשה בחמישה בלונים, האריה שאהב תות

September 7, 2017

I very much appreciate the recommendations. תודה.

I think I just realized that I am asking for extremely basic level books. Anything from 'my first words' books and higher.

September 9, 2017

Yes, this. I need something that's really basic ;-p

September 9, 2017

Good suggestion on "action book[s]"! In other words, reads lots of narrative (agentive, event driven stories that focus centrally on 'what happened'). That's the easiest way to begin reading the Tanakh as well. Ancient Hebrew poetry, for example, tends to offer many more challenges and to require a much larger vocabulary. Narrative also tends to be easier than texts/discourses that are primarily hortatory/exhortational/instructional, often involving complex argumentation and reasoning.

September 13, 2017

Are there like Hebrew Bible stories for children?

September 21, 2017

Yes, there are books that access the bible to little children by changing the language and vocalbulary to an easier and a modern one, and also by adding painting.

September 21, 2017

That might be a good place to start, since I know the stories, which would help me guess the words!

Would you have some recommendations?

September 21, 2017

If you want something free, lets you download pdfs. I do believe they are all children's books, though the ones I've tried haven't been for 'first words'. I tried translating with my sad knowledge and Google lol but one sentence I did on my own that made me so happy lol Anyway hope you find it interesting :)

September 18, 2017

Thanks for tip!

September 21, 2017

I'll check it out. Thanks for responding!

September 19, 2017

If you happen to find one particularly basic, please tell me lol

September 19, 2017

Seconded! I really need some Hebrew reading matter that I have some hope of following...

September 6, 2017

Me too!

September 7, 2017

Some of Carmela Ben-Nun Moshe's books are short but sweet—and well-illustrated too (look for the Hebrew editions)! Here's her author page on Amazon (U.S.):

Too many of the children's books I've found available for Amazon's Kindle are real duds, with almost no compelling text. I returned some that I had purchased for no more than a dollar or two.

SonicBooks or SonicBooks Ltd. has a number of audiobooks available. Just be aware that they produce everything from Kids to Classics to Romance. Also, the quality of the narration can vary quite a bit. I've never purchased anything from their website, but I have acquired some of their recordings from Audible's (U.S.) bi-annual(?), half-off sales. I can perhaps recommend a few titles later.

Edit: The link to the Audible search for "SonicBooks" wasn't working. So instead you can go to and search for "SonicBooks". That should find everything since most of their titles are published under "SonicBooks Ltd." and another two dozen under "SonicBooks".

September 13, 2017

Below are several examples of native Hebrew books that have anywhere from competent to excellent narration. I almost certainly wouldn't bother listening to some of these if I weren't looking for variety in vocabulary and Hebrew narrators/speakers. I have mostly enjoyed the first two titles, however. The fourth definitely wasn't written as a children's book.

The narration of "Gone into Captivity, Years After" is superb, especially from about the third(?) track/chapter on, when Yoav Cohen the main narrator begins reading. Just a heads up: 1) It's not a children's book; 2) It requires a substantial vocabulary; 3) It's read at a very lively pace! I have quite a ways to go before I can comprehend everything, but it's fun to revisit from time to time and see how I'm progressing. It's a good benchmark book.

Most books are narrated by Liat Shnapp. Jonathan Kis-Lev is another very lively and sometimes 'cheeky' reader (mostly in a good way!). ;-)

September 13, 2017

I should add that some of those Audible titles are rather expensive. That's why I grabbed several from half-off sales. They often have deals for new members (e.g., 2 free credits), members who cancel their subscriptions, and almost anyone without an active subscription.

September 13, 2017

That is a plethora of information. Thank you sir.

September 13, 2017

For anyone who has interest in and/or familiarity with the Hebrew-Aramaic Scriptures (התנ״ך) and/or The Greek New Testament(/Covenant) Scriptures (הברית החדשה), I posted some excellent, Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek audio recordings on another thread. I'll repost all of the Hebrew ones below.

The Tanakh would naturally be more difficult and foreign if you have no familiarity with biblical Hebrew and are still just learning Modern Hebrew—although if you continue to press on with your studies, there's a tremendous amount of excellent Hebrew narrative to read (including the Torah, of course!). The recordings of the GNT, however, are from a Modern Hebrew translation (HNT), so the narrative sections should be more accessible earlier on, with enough Biblical Hebrew quotations interspersed throughout to introduce some more archaic grammar and vocabulary.

As for the books of the HNT, the four Gospels, Acts, and Revelation all contain lots of narrative. Ordered from the easiest to most difficult (with respect to vocabulary and grammar), I'd probably recommend the "Gospel According to ..." "John", then "Mark" or "Matthew", and finally "Luke", followed by "Acts [of the Apostles/Apostoloi]", which forms a two-volume work with Luke (Luke-Acts). I'm not sure about "Revelation". Some of the vocabulary and themes might make it at least somewhat more difficult since it draws a tremendous number of allusions from the Tanakh, so it fits in there somewhere (maybe closer to the end?). My recommendations are influenced by reading in Koine Greek, so the initial, relative difficulty of Luke-Acts might be toned down somewhat in Hebrew.

Here they are listed in roughly their (partially subjective) order-of-difficulty:

  • הַבְּשׂוֹרָה עַל־פִּי יוֹחָנָן
  • הַבְּשׂוֹרָה עַל־פִּי מַרְקוֹס
  • הַבְּשׂוֹרָה עַל־פִּי מַתַּי
  • הַבְּשׂוֹרָה עַל־פִּי לוּקַס
  • מַעֲשֵׂי הַשְּׁלִיחִים
  • הַהִתְגַּלּוּת

Anyway, if you find any good narrative in the Tanakh, HNT, or elsewhere, just listen and read along to a chapter or section until you can comprehend at least 80% or so, eventually with just the audio and no text, and then move on. You'll quickly start building up and internalizing the grammar and vocabulary kind of like a snowball rolling down a mountain, quickly expanding and building mass and momentum as you progress (only listening-and-reading comprehension in this case, not snow!). It'll become easier and easier from there, so then you'll be able set out and risk more difficult material. You can find such recommendations from any number of linguists, instructors, and students.

I hope this proves useful for some of you in your studies!

October 7, 2017

Below you'll find the Hebrew portion of my post/comment from the other thread. You can check it out for additional links to translations and recordings in Koine Greek and other languages. Sorry for the verbosity!

Another site worth checking out is They have many audio recordings of both (Hebrew and Greek) editions and a wide variety of translations/versions. You can always stream the audio, but they also offer downloads of many different bibles on their apps and, up to three different versions (for free), on the web.

Below are some of the best recordings that I've heard for anyone interested in Biblical Hebrew (& Aramaic), Modern Hebrew, and Koine Greek. For the sake of simplicity, I used the abbreviations H for 'Hebrew-Aramaic' and G for 'Greek' combined with the abbreviations OT for 'Old Testament' (a.k.a., 'Hebrew-Aramaic Scriptures' or 'Tanakh') and NT for 'New Testament' (a.k.a., 'New Covenant').

HOT read by Dan Be'eri (incomplete):

HOT read by Abraham Shmuelof: 

HOT & HNT (translation/version) (Dramatized and Undramatized) by the Bible Society in Israel.

HOT & HNT (Dramatized): 

HNT (Dramatized): 

HNT (Undramatized):

October 7, 2017

Thank-you for the ideas! This is the best! I learnt to read well through reading the KJV Bible as a child. I will look for the Aramaic as well. I have the New Testament in Aramaic too.

November 5, 2017

I'm glad to hear it! I'd like to learn Aramaic down the road. There's much that already appears familiar after reading and listening to most of the Tanakh in Biblical Hebrew. I still have a long ways to go, however. It's definitely a lifetime endeavor.

All the best in your studies!

November 6, 2017

I'll just add that Randall Buth's materials provide an excellent foundation for developing reading comprehension and a nascent, core fluency in Biblical Hebrew and some of these other languages. His Part 1 materials build up to very simple narratives through the use of audio and pictures.

November 6, 2017
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