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Is the german course effective?

September 5, 2017



I think so, I haven't been on in about a year, but the last couple of days I've been on a bunch and found that I seem to remember most of what was taught


I would suggest to go somewhere else for your pronunciation because the Duolingo pronunciation is pretty bad. But for spelling and learning the words it's pretty good


LOL, I agree with you. The German course is good, but when I practiced speaking to a German speaker, I found out I was pronouncing many of the words wrong. Thankfully with other apps, German speakers, and videos, my pronunciation is better.


I agree! The pronunciation should be clearer. One nice feature, though, compared to a course like Rosetta Stone, is the option to slow down the pronunciation.


oh no now I'm second guessing my pronunciation haha :) This is good to know. I'll pay attention to practicing pronunciation via a separate means. I do agree that thus far the german course has been good.


absolutely! I haven't even finished the tree and it has helped me tremendously!


I'd say so. In all honesty, I think every Duolingo course is effective. However, it won't be very effective if you aren't motivated to learn German, so keep that in mind.


I'd say it's the best Duolingo course, especially compared to the Spanish tree


I definitely feel it has been. I just completed the German tree.


The second best course here... The first one is definitely Norwegian!


I think it is very effective. And I agree deeply with "TheEeveeLord".


I found it effective because there were so many topics. I was nowhere near fluent when I finished the course, but I ended up understanding quite a lot of what I heard or read. Here are a few things it allowed me to do: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16951145


It is the only thing so far that is working for me - and trust me I have been trying for over 10 years

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