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Web based learning going away?

First Japanese, then Korean are starting out on "mobile devices first." Japanese still is unavailable on the web. Is this the way things will be going forward? I am a subscriber but I prefer doing lessons on my computer. Please let me know if web-based programs are going away so that I can cancel my subscription.

September 6, 2017



Japanese required re-designing the interface somewhat; DL has many more users on the apps than on the web, which is presumably the reason why it concentrated on implementing these changes in the apps first.
Czech was first released, as usual, to the web and not the app. I'd only expect future languages to be released to the app first if they are accompanied by significant changes (such as the 'character challenge' questions in Japanese & Korean)—possibly DL might add other new features for a Chinese course, for instance.


Well, for the record, The japanese course wasn't released for all mobile devices initially, it was first implemented in the IOS first because Duo's web engineers needed to update every platform with the new character feature initially designed for japanese characters. Since both android and IOS now support the new character feature, the Korean course will be released to both of the devices; as mentioned here: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/ko/en/status

As for the web version, we will have to wait until the owl finishes updating its nest.

P.S. I've read somewhere that these courses would be implemented for the web within this year, maybe late this year, but I am not sure. Can anyone verify? Thanks.


It's not going away. They just may have more resources for mobile devices, or maybe it is easier, so they typically come first. For me, I use web and Android. Android is late with features as well, but I know they won't give up on that platform as well.

Just give them time to perfect the Japanese web version, and hopefully it won't come out with bugs, and will be amazing.


I agree, even Czech I heard that it only came out on iOS and web, or Japanese learners have been waiting MONTHS for our tips and notes and I still am not able to practice Duolingo Japanese on my PC, which is my favorite platform for this website.

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