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You Know You've Been on Duolingo Too Long When...

... You recognize the title of this post and facepalm because you already know what you're getting yourself into.

Hello! If you don't know what I'm talking about, this is a small tradition of the Duolingo community where older members of this site can share their experiences while using this site and newer members can attain new insight. The most recent of this type of discussion, I believe, is here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/21595032

I'm not sure where I fit in this because Duolingo was invented in 2011, I think, and I have been here since 2014. I'm not extremely old but I'm not very new, either. So, I believe I have some credibility in making certain statements.

For one thing, you know you've been on Duolingo for too long when a newbie asks, "What's Immersion and the Activity?", and you finally obtain the privilege to say, "Well, back in my days using Duolingo..." like you're some elder trying to lecture a youngster on the past.

Another thing that doesn't really pertain to me is when you are learning 5+ languages and they are all over level 20. If that's not a sign you've been using Duo for too long, then I don't know what is.

I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but sometimes I would sit in my college class and my teacher would talk about a topic and then he/she would suddenly say something like, "... And that is why the personal immersion of Eastern culture is important in understanding...", and the word "Immersion" would trigger me. Nothing like having flashbacks of Immersion and internally crying while trying to learn about the Bible's history...

Being on Duolingo obviously means you connect with other users, but you know you've been on Duolingo for too long when you create a legit family here. And then some family members permanently leave the site... And you react to it as if they had died... I'm sure particular users know what I'm talking about.

Lastly, you know you've been on Duolingo for too long when you know someone on this site in real life, but you call them by their username instead of their real name. On another note, has anyone waited for a language to hatch as if they were waiting for the new season of a show to come out, or even a new game to come out? That was basically me with Romanian, and I suppose you could say I "fangirled" when it came out...

Now that I think about it, I may just have a problem. XD

However, Duo could create it's own fandom if it wanted to. Furthermore, there are so many dedicated members on this site; it just amazes me how much people put into making this site the way it is. I find inspiration through aspiring polyglots who have been here since the very beginning and retired teachers that share wonderful insight. In fact, everyone is an inspiration to me. There are times when I just can't stop thinking about Duolingo because of the beautiful discussions that we have and all of the new things that I learn. I hope it always remains that way. ^ ^

How do you know when you've been on Duolingo for too long?

September 6, 2017



...when the flags start stacking up in four-storey blocks in clustered comments...

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When I've read the prompt without remembering whether it was in my target language or the language I am learning from.


Or you forgot that you switched to the German for French speakers because you finished the German for English speakers, and you type your answer in English


You've been on Duolingo too long when discussions asking for a Latin course start to become annoying.

I know some people don't know that Latin has been requested a million times before and nothing has been done, but everytime I see a discussion asking for the course I get really annoyed like: "Come on you should know about Latin on Duolingo!"

Here's another one: You've been on Duolingo too long when you can recognize almost all the well known users.


How about requests for Finnish?


YKWYBODTL when you say ALFMF.


I decoded all the letters, hurray!





Look, I love Latin but I agree with you that those posts just get annoying. There's a search bar for a reason, people. XD


You've been on Duolingo too long...when you meet someone and can't believe they are not already on Duolingo.


Sometimes when I meet people, I have this expectation that they ought to have used Duolingo. But, then I have to remember that not everyone uses this site!

It would be weird and amazing if Duolingo became the new "Facebook", for a lack of a better analogy.


Yes, given the varied number of languages and people from around the world learning here, it does feel like the whole world should be present even if they aren't. :)

Although I wouldn't want this site to turn into Facebook as it would necessitate and expedite my departure.


I meant famous like Facebook, not turning into a Facebook-like site. I would hate it if it did become Facebook. XD

I like Duolingo as it is... It's modestly popular and it's nice. ^ ^


Meeting someone who uses Duolingo is not rare to me, although a lot of the people I know don't use it.

I don't know what my opinion would be if Duolingo became the new Facebook. I want Duolingo to be popular, but not that popular.


You've been on Duolingo too long... when your dreams feature the voice of the Duolingo woman repeatedly screaming out LE LAIT in a shrill, muffled voice. I'd long since passed generic produce items like those and am currently spending my time on the negatives category... but yeah my sub-conscious seems to be taking over from Duolingo in my sleep.


you know you've been on Duolingo for too long when you create a legit family here.

Still anxiously awaiting "social tools" so I can reconnect with my family members!


I am suffering from Duofam withdrawal... So, I also can't wait to reconnect with them!


...when you realise that emails from DL discussions account for about 80% of the emails you receive on a daily basis.

...when a new language you want to learn someday comes out, you do a few lessons to see what the course is like, denying that you're actually learning the language yet because you don't have the time, then when you have to leave a bit less than two hours later you're just short of the first checkpoint and abandon all pretense... Not that it's pretense that I don't have the time to learn Czech yet, but nonetheless I'm learning it.

...when you take notes while studying that nobody else can understand because they're a jumble of your own personal abbreviations in a variety of languages. I mean, why write "language", or even "lang", when I could just write "j."?

...when you could write a 20 page list of reasons you know you've been on Duolingo too long.


When you're on another forum, click "like" or "upvote" or whichever on someone else's very good comment, and then look for the "Give Lingot" option for a moment before remembering that you're not on Duolingo...


Eating in front of the monitor? Does that count? How about your head hitting the keyboard at 2 am?


...when your friends know not to talk to you between 11 pm and midnight


When I see Duo in my dreams. Saying "Chirp chirp" in many different languages.


When you think: Ok, I have 9 golden owls, but which should be the tenth?


That reminds me of another... "Hey, I wasn't planning on learning XXX language, at least not any time soon, but you know, I've done all these related languages, why don't I just see how much I can test out of using those?"


I tried to test out of Norwegian after learning a bit of Danish. Didn't go well, I tested out of nothing.


About two hours into the Czech tree when I was nearly to the first checkpoint I was wondering why I hadn't... The only problems are the demonstratives and getting used to the spelling, and the latter isn't taking long.


You could probably post a discussion that says, You know some one is new on duolingo when....


...they ask for Finnish.

...they ask for Latin.

...they ask for lingots.

...they post saying "WHY ISNT XXXX AVAILABLE YET I WANT TO LEARN IT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

...they show surprise at someone having five or six flags next to their name.

...they don't have a clue what "alfmf" is about.


I don't even know what "alfmf" is... O_o...

Sounds familiar, though!


"a lingot for mentioning Finnish". Each additional "alf" is another "a lingot for".

How do I know this? Don't ask me. I just do, presumably because I've been around.


I know, I wanted to ask what alfmf meant also.


Ok stop, you'r describing me. Lol. I am new, but I'm not that bad.


...they create spam in the Troubleshooting forum because it's the only one they have unlocked yet.

...they ask for a language that's already in the Incubator (and I've even seen other posts that were asking for languages that were already released...)

...they have about 5 followers but are following about 1,000 users.

...they create about 10 posts for their XP contests that they are never going to actually carry out.


They follow 20 people and have 2 followers. They make a discussion titled 'Hi!!' topic 'Hey'.. They..? They..? They..? I don't know anymore.


They write on a sentence discussion repeating the sentence with no question or explanation or anything.


And then ask 'Why was it deleted?'


That... Is a very good idea! I had never thought about that... But, I don't want people to think I'm insulting new members, even though that wouldn't be what I'm doing. I will seriously consider it!


I don't think it would be insulting. I mean, just say you wouldn't mean for it to be. I don't think I would be offended. lol.


When the new Health system gives you a traumatic flashback to when everything used to use hearts and would kick you out of the study session when you made four mistakes.


MasterZsword, your post is the most touching of all the posts with the same name I've ever read. And as I've been on Duolingo for far too long, I've read many of them. Thank you.


I'm so honored that I touched you. I really do love this community and Duolingo as a whole! And it's thanks to people like you, as well! ^ ^


...when you have a two year streak. :)


bows to you

I can't even maintain a streak above 20 and some people have full time jobs. I just go to college (which feels like a job...)! That's amazing and yes, a perfect indicator that you've been here for a long time. ^ ^


For the actual tree, I stopped when I felt it was better to branch out, watch videos, play games and speak etc. As for the forums, sadly I'm starting to feel close too. I'm seeing a lot of disrespectful posts and spam, which I feel is beginning to tell me something. Honest response, sorry. :)


I've been using Duolingo since 2013, am I already a veteran?


You have been on Duolingo too long if you think of haiku poetry every time you see the pic of a puffin...


...when the Related Discussions thing on these posts always brings up the You know you've been [a/one] course contributor for too long when... post and you realise you could relate to a lot of it long before even becoming a contributor yourself...


When I go on just to be on....


Yep... That seems to be the common Duo life. ^ ^


I do it all the time... also when I follow like everyone....


There's something about Duolingo that is just... Soothing. If I'm incredibly stressed, I just come here, do lessons, and read the forums. It's therapeutic, in a way. There's no long term effects, but it really appeased my mind for the moment.


My active duolingo age is as old as my current streak, and that makes me one of the new members, but I recognized in myself many of the symptoms mentioned in this post, in the older post you linked, and in the comments as well. In fact, I faceplamed when I saw your post, I kept telling myself that I have alpha-testing to do, and that I should not be participating in discussions now (no matter how temping they may be), then I ended up here anyway. So, I guess another way of putting your statement is “you know duolingo takes a slightly bigger-than-average chunk of your life when…”.


When I came here, I wasn't expecting to relate to every single one of these.

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