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  5. "Je to veliké?"

"Je to veliké?"

Translation:Is it big?

September 6, 2017



A czech friend told me you can use veliký to insist on the fact that the thing is really big. You can use both every time but if you use it veliký > velký.


Is there a difference between velký and veliký? I learned velký from books and this is the first I am seeing veliký.


I believe the velký and veliký are interchangeable. As well as velká and veliká and velké and veliké.


Okay...I will try it on the street and see if I get any odd looks! Thanks.


Veliký/veliká/veliké is simply a variant of velký/velká/velké. Maybe a little expressive.


See mageistral's answer


Can this sentence translate to "Is that big?" in addition to "Is it big?" Because the Czech word "to" makes it sound like it could be a demonstrative type of sentence.


I believe you are correct that "Is that big?" is a valid translation.


Don't really understand why translation"Is this big?" is wrong


"this" is consistently translated as "toto" in this course (in neuter gender).


I was under the impression that “to” when used as a pronoun could mean THIS or THAT, but when used as an adjective could only mean THE or THAT. So “This car...”. would be “Toto auto...”, but “This is my car.” would be “To je moje auto.” Am I wrong?


My answer looks exactly like the prescribed answer, but I a not given credit for being correct. This has happened on a few prior items, but this is the first time I have brought it up. Anybody know: is this a hiccup in the system? Thanks!


Likely. Sometimes it does happen.

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