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Swahili audio

... is there an update, when it will be implemented into the course? Thanks!

September 6, 2017



I, too, am restlessly awaiting audio. What has happened to the Swahili team? They don't seem to have been active for months.
If all the audio is done and labelled, and merely needs to be matched with the corresponding sentences, could one not volunteer to help them out?


Pretty sure it's a site admin job to get audio up and running, but without the team prodding them I doubt it will get done any time soon. No idea what's happened to Branden and Emilian.


Other incubator updates have strongly suggested to me that the assigning of recorded audio to sentences is a matter for contributors. It's certainly an admin job with TTS audio, but Swahili does not have this.


We are working as fast as possible to get quality audio exercises completed so Duolingo staff can integrate the audio/speaking exercises into the course.

From the first special update.


How do you manage to learn all those many languages up to those high levels? I'm impressed, i give you a lingot. :-)


Still no audio??

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