"Jsou to velká zvířata."

Translation:They are big animals.

September 6, 2017



why is "to" after "jsou" here?

September 6, 2017


You can't leave out the "to", it sounds unnatural and it would mean something like "There are big animals." but weirdly phrased. If you put it in the beginning, it sounds as "These are big animals." to me.

September 6, 2017


Could you say "ona jsou velka zvirata"?

September 27, 2018


Yes, you could say that, but trust me, even it is a good translation it sounds pretty strange. You should prefer "To jsou velká zvířata" or "Jsou to velká zvířata".

January 2, 2019


I put "They are the big animals", but it was counted wrong. How would you say that?

September 16, 2017


That would be: "Jsou to ta velká zvířata." (the word "to" in the sentence is a part of the phrase "je to" [for singular]/"jsou to" [for plural])

September 18, 2017


Ok this makes sense because I had the same issue as the other person. Díky!

June 3, 2018


Ah ha!! So this has been my problem! "Jsou to TA velká zvířata". And is that indistinguishable with "To jsou ta velká zvířata"?

September 5, 2018
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