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  5. "Jsem hezké dítě."

"Jsem hezké dítě."

Translation:I am a pretty child.

September 6, 2017



Does hezký always mean beautiful/cute when applied to humans or would "nice" work in this situation too?


Only in "To je od tebe hezké" (It's nice of you) or "Hezký den/víkend" (Have a nice day/weekend).

Otherwise (when describing a person) "hezký/hezká/hezké" acts like beautiful/cute.


That's helpful to know, thank you!


Is Hezke/a/y a formal word? I have never ever heard it used... i keep trying to find Pekne...


Not sure, but:

  • This course seems to favor more formal language
  • Czech supposedly has many words with similar meanings


No, it is a very common word without any formal/informal distinction. If anything, it could be on the slightly less formal side.

Note that the Common Czech forms that you may hear out there are slighly different (hezkej instead of hezký, hezký instead of hezké). But it is a completely ordinary common word.

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