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  5. "mladá Kateřina"

"mladá Kateřina"

Translation:young Kateřina

September 6, 2017



Sorry. I'm keeping a tally. Young Majet, Big Frantisek, Little Zofie and Young Katerina. I'm creating a family.


I wonder who the mom is...

I image Big Frantisek would be the father, and Young Majet, Little Zofie, and Young Katerina would be his children.

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I'm a bit confused about the pronunciation of ř. In this clip it sounded like 'dj' or a soft 'j' in English (the way we tend to say 'Dvořak' in English, whether rightly or wrongly), but in other clips it sounds to me more like a tapped or trilled 'r'. Is there a rule, or is it just a matter of context or custom?


The ř sounds right on my phone, but the name is pronounced with an incorrect stress.

Note there two allophones of ř, voiced and unvoiced, but both Kateřina and Dvořák should have the voiced one.

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Thanks for clarifying.

Could you give me an example of a word using the other way of pronouncing ř?


For example in tři. But you may not be able to realize the difference. It is just voiced vs. unvoiced.


My answer says "pay attention to the accents", but I was asked to translate it into English. English has NO ACCENTS.


Don't be so naïve to fall for such clichés. Especially when you hand in your résumé to a café. :D


I know how Ř is actually pronounced (being somewhere between R and Z) but is it possible to pronounced it as a palatalised R instead for those like me who struggle with the proper pronunciation?


If "palatalised R" is what I could imagine that could mean it will be much better to just start with the rž sequence. But, to be sure, please point to some actual IPA sound you have in mind (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Phonetic_Alphabet_chart http://www.ipachart.com/ and so on).


Shouldn't we translate names? Like Catherine for Kateřina or Sophie for Žofie?


"mlada Katerina" should also mean little Karina because it means the same


Keep it as direct as possible. "little Katerina" is "malá Kateřina". Young and little is not the same.


Okay, I guess, I mismatched these two ... mlada / mala. Thank you

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