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A little help in German...суши.

Which one is better: I würde Deutsch gelernt haben. Ich hätte Deutsch gelernt. I tried Google Translate which you know is a bit ... It says they are the same. I am wondering if there is a difference between the two...спасибо! Dαηκε!

September 6, 2017



I think "ich hätte Deutsch gelernt" is much better


What has this to do with sushi?


"Ich würde Deutsch gelernt haben" is a very convoluted sentence, maybe theoretically correct but applicable only in the weirdest special cases. In normal German speech and writing definitely use "Ich hätte Deutsch gelernt..." (...but something prevented it). If you have a special context in mind, feel free to elaborate, so I may help you better! пока пока

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