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DuoLingo...FREE ???

Hey there...I started using Duolingo for Spanish on Saturday and found it much better than when I bought and discontinued using Rosetta Stone 4 years ago.

I plunged in with both feet.

But now...I keep running into the "Health" issue where they want money to continue.

I really do not have a problem paying "something" but I would like to pay ALL fees upfront or in installments so I can progress at a rapid pace and not keep getting stopped for making mistakes.

Any advice from users would be appreciated.

September 6, 2017



Use the website, not the app.

The lessons are more well-constructed, there are tons of useful grammar tips before many of them and, most importantly, there's no health!


Thanks...I will give that a try. Really like the program...want to learn as fast as possible!


don't rush though


When you run out of hearts, switch to review lessons. You'll improve your understanding of the basics and you'll earn your health back.


Are you using Duolingo on an Apple device? I heard that there are some extra services there.

Duolingo on Android doesn't have that issue, last I checked. But I prefer using the web app since it doesn't bug you to pay anything and it has more functionality than the apps.


Thanks for your reply. I am using Android.This has happened SEVERAL times. After making a few mistakes a popup comes up and tells me I am out of health and I can pay $4.99...$9.99 or $19.99 for more "gems" to continue'


Huh, I haven't encountered those issues. Maybe my app isn't updated.

Well, like what Mr_Eyl said, just use the Duoling website. The apps aren't as helpful and there's no advantage to using them anyway, unless you don't have a laptop/desktop.

Good luck with your learning!


It's just started on Android - it might still be an A/B test.

Just use a mixture of web and app. Your Health bars come back after a while, or you can earn them back by doing a strengthen within the Health bit. Also, the web site works OK within the mobile browser.


I'm surprised you don't get a note about restoring health with gems as well, though I am a iOS user. If I get any notes that ask if I want to pay, I drop out and just practice 5 times to restore health. To earn gems, practice 1st to meet your required level for the day you get a "prize" of gems when you go back to home. Mine is set to 10 so I only have to practice once. I guess less on lessons and I am able to get through lessons to earn gems. For 350 gems you restore health, 500 gems for a "health shield" for 30 min. In my situation using the website on my iPod is harder and my desktop is not portable so I have wrestled with the app and figured out to use it successfully. I don't pay because the whole reason I started with Duolingo was that it was free and easy to access.

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