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"ta ulice"

Translation:that street

September 6, 2017



So do ten, ta and to mean "this", "that" or both?

Being used to Slovene I automatically translated this sentence as "this street" and Wiktionary seems to suggest it's not wrong, so should I report it?


I will refer you to a similar question and an explanation i wrote as a reply.


In "ta ulice" - "ta" is a pronoun and would only translate as THAT or THE


So if I understand well when attributive (referring to a noun, e.g. ta ulice) it means "that" (or "the") , whereas when on its own (e.g., Je to dobré?) it is translateable as either "this", "that" or "it" depending on what's appropriate. Correct?

Also, in Slovene when used on it's own it's always neuter ("to" as in "to je moja ulica"), does this rule apply in Czech too: should it be Ta or to je moje ulice?


What I get from the answer is that it could be any of the 3 options. Depending on the case/context of course one can be more appropriate than the other. Fact is just, that this page uses only one option, and therefore we need to adapt to it, even though it could be otherwise.


What is the difference between "ten" and "ta"?


Ten is used with masculine nouns. Ta is used with feminine nouns. Ten dům (masculine noun) / Ta ulice ( feminine noun)


Basically, you use 'ten' for masculine singular, 'ta' for feminine singular and 'to' for neuter singular nouns.

For plural, you use 'ti' for masculine animate, 'ty' for masculine inanimate and feminine and 'ta' for neuter.

Hope it helps and happy learning!


any difference in pronounciation between "ti" and "ty"?


Yep, the 'i' in ti palatalizes the preceding 't'. Check the tips & notes section in the first skill for more info.

You can listen to the difference in pronunciation on Forvo: https://cs.forvo.com/word/cs/ti/#cs vs. https://cs.forvo.com/word/cs/ty/#cs


Is there a different word for road? Or can they be used interchangeably when not in a proper name?


mmm, "ulice" is used for cities and towns, as "street" is - for "road", I would use "cesta" (for general sense) or "silnice" (for a road that is used by cars)


that street.easy:)

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