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  5. My fluency is dropping. Why?


My fluency is dropping. Why?

I am following the German course, and I am now on level 14. My fluency increased to 13%, and now it is dropping, currently to 7%. Yet I am answering most of the questions correctly. And I seem to be stuck on level 14. While I doing my daily goals, my proficiency is dropping in categories that I am not working on, and it seems impossible for me to advance to the next level. Why is it like this?

September 6, 2017



the fluency is terribly inaccurate and unreliable. it doesn't measure actual fluency. just don't worry about it and work on your tree. happy learning!


^ This. The wisest reaction to fluctuating fluency scored is to ignore the metric.

(I wish Duolingo would either replace it with something better or just get rid of it.)


If you are in level 14, it means you have around 6000 points. You need more 1500 points to go to level 15. As for your fluency, it tends to decrease when the memory bars reduce. Try strengthening all your completed skills and keeping all the memory bars full so that most of your skills are golden


I assume you don't keep all your skills golden. I'm on level 15 in the German course and have fluency 54%, but then I'm keeping all my skills golden all the time. As you get to higher levels, the distance to each new level will get longer and longer.


Is "golden skills" the same as "full memory bars"? There is no way I can keep them up – they drop faster than I can cope with. Is that the way it should be?


Yeah. Both are the same. And they do keep dropping, but if you practice without making mistakes they might stay full for a while


Yes. If you have done a large amount of new lessons at the same time, a large amount of them will drop at the same time later. The system is constructed to have you repeat everything a few times to make sure you know it (less often if you make less mistakes).

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