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  5. All of these seemed wrong.


All of these seemed wrong.

I was supposed to mark the correct translation.

The Questions are welcome.

  1. Die Fragen sind wilkommen.
  2. Die Damen sind willkommen.
  3. Fragen sind willkommen.

To my mind, the first one is most correct, but "wilkommen" is a misspelling. But, multiple times in the lesson, the sentence was translated as "Die Fragen sind willkommen" so it seemed most correct. The second one is wrong, and no issue. The third one has no article. So wouldn't it be "Questions are welcome" or am I wrong? I selected option one and got it wrong, and it said option 3 was correct. I thought option one just contained a typo.

June 27, 2012



Strictly speaking, none of the options are correct. In this case, "the" has the same function as in English. If you omit it, you're talking about questions in general, not specific questions. The first option would be a good translation if it was spelt correctly.


Thank you. I didn't realize that in the plural the article could be left off. That was never mentioned in the lesson.

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