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"Jsou Matěj a Kateřina manželé?"

Translation:Are Matěj and Kateřina husband and wife?

September 6, 2017



Could "spouses" be a suitable translation for "manželé"?


I wrote "Are Matej and Katerina married?" and it was accepted as being correct.


That was not accepted for me...


It really should be accepted. All accepted forms accept "married" and "husband and wife" equally.


I got the answer wrong and I was corrected with "Are Matěj and Kateřína spouses?". What did you write precisely to be wrong yourself?

Related question: Could "manželé" be translated with "a couple" or is it overtranslating? And a remark: The Czech sentence gives a short i to Kateřina while the English correction gives a long í.


I answered with the given translation of manželé as "husband and wife", so I got it correct. However, when I was hovering over the word the only other translation I saw was "husbands", which made me wonder if "spouses" was an acceptable input.


This hint is not applicable to this sentence. It is a possible translation of "manžélé" in certain sentences. Not in this one though. It means literally husbands, that means male spouses. For example: They are the husbands of those women. Oni jsou manželé těch žen.


I'm curious about this myself. Is "A couple" translated a Par?


a couple is pár, i.e., a group of two

sometimes meaning "a few":

pár dolarů - a couple of dollars

It is much more general than manželé and can't be used here. A couple does not have to be married.


Spouses would be a correct translation of "Manželé."


And it is accepted.


Shouldn't be accepted "wife and husband" as well?


In English certain word pairs almost always occur in a set order.

Knife and fork

Salt and pepper

Husband and wife.

Putting them the other way around sounds very strange to a native speaker


I think the order of "husband and wife" should follow the order of the names given in the subject "Matěj and Kateřina".


I agree. The order of the first pair should match the order of the second pair. Another example: "Mary and Mr. Smith are student and teacher."


I wrote "are Matěj and Kateřina a wife and a husband" and it was marked incorrect, but i think it should be correct.


If the purpose of the exercise is to say that Matěj and Kateřina are married to each other -- which I believe it is -- your answer probably was marked incorrect because including "a" doesn't make that point.

While there's nothing grammatically wrong with the phrase "a husband and a wife," that would suggest that Kateřina and Matěj are both married, but not necessarily to each other. "Manželé" may not have that meaning.


Does this work to describe same-sex marriages as well?


What this? manželé? Yes it does, but there is currently no same-sex marriage in Czechia, we have registered partnership.


Does exist a one word translation of "manzelé" instead of "husband and wife" in English?


I think you could say “spouses.” Or “a married couple,” but that would be a rather free translation.


Spouse(s) would be a correct translation of "Manželé."


I put wife and husband instead of husband and wife and said it is wrong


Is manzele a noun or a past participle? Does it mean "spouses", "two people who are a formal couple" or "married"?


Noun meaning "spouses". Novomanžele = lit. new husbands = newly wed. Still a noun.


It says that manželé can also be translated as "husbands", would "wives" mean "manžely" then?


husbands - manželé

wives - manželky


Are Matěj and Kateřina wife and husband should be accepted too. It isn't.


Wouldn't that imply that Matěj is the wife and Kateřina is the husband?


Also, please use the report button to report missing translations. You are welcome to ask and answer questions here or to discuss generic problems that cannot be reported using the report button.


Husband and wife is ok, but wife and husband is not? Why?


Because why would you randomly switch the order? Many exercises require hundreds of alternative answers to be in the system. If you wanted DL to also accept such unnecessary switching, all the possible answers would multiply by two. I think it's easier to just keep Jill and Jack as they are instead of turning them willy nilly into Jack and Jill.


What did I switch? Manzele means married.


Right, my bad - I assumed something wrongly about the exercise, probably overworked :D

Anyway, Matěj and Kateřina are listed one after the other in a certain order. Were you trying to say that Matěj is a wife and Kateřina is a husband? Otherwise it's still unnecessary switching, like saying: "I have a son and a daughter: Jane and John" - makes it sound like your son's name in Jane, etc. With unisex names it would be misleading, you wouldn't know which is which.

Also, it has been discussed a few times in this discussion.


I was typing co instead of jsou. The rest was right. It kept saying i was typing in english. This did not help at all. I finally typed město just to get past it and give out the one word was wrong. Needs work!


No one here can help you, try the Troubleshooting forum for technical issues. This forum is for Czech-specific issues.


i wrote "wife and husband" and it wasnt accepted as correct


→ koneji1: Certainly you have read angiedaytripper's explanation on this page? I think it perfectly applies to your question.

LelandSun's hint that Matěj is unlikely to be the wife and Kateřina is unlikely to be the husband is quite noteworthy, too.

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