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How easy/hard is Czech to learn?

Lesen Sie dies.

September 6, 2017



I am polish man and my native language is slavic one . Polish is so much similar to czech , example: in polish red is '' czerwony '' and in czech it's ... I forgot it.:(


Thanks , you can learn polish in a duolingo way , but good '' aplication '' is memrise too , but I prefer duolingo :)


In polish '' czerwony '' sounds '' chervony '' in english , in czech too ?


Thanks to my knowledge of the Polish language, it is rather easier to learn Czech than I had expected.


It is quite similar to other slavic languages. But I think it can be fairly hard.if you do not know any slavic language. Speaking german is small benefit as well. Unfortunately czechs use many german originated words only in substandard speech and dialects.


It takes effort but is doable. As a native English speaker what I find most difficult are the cases which can change everything including your name and prepositions because they are used differently in many cases.


If someone has some Latin lessons, maybe it could help to understand the cases.


Its not the hardest language to learn, it does take a bit more effort and motivation than a few though :)


It is really difficult because of the case system, gender, and complicated writing rules and the accents isn't also as easy to acquire as it might seem And we have the impossible ř!. However, listening should be on a normal level, pronoucing written words is easy since we have exact rules and you don't have to connect words together while speaking as in English or French. And since we use latin script, it's definietly easier than Chinese and other languages. :-) So to conclude, it is hard, but if you prevail, you can do it.


I am a native Greek and I still am a beginner in Czech although I lived in the country for a few months. I was pleasantly surprised to pinpoint small similarities between the two languages although they are not linguistically related as far as I know. Such similarities were the declination of the words, the three genders, the common function of some simple words (such as prosím) and others I do not remember at the moment. I am not sure if I feel more motivated to learn or scared of the Czech language, but these small things help me keep it up! :)


About relationship between Greek and Slavic languages:


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