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Most polyglot user

After reading some comments on the forum I noticed there are some guys here who are really amazing at Duolingo. Now I am curious to know who is the person with more languages at lvl 15+ (which should be imo enough to say you "speak" a bit of that language*). If you think it may be you or someone you know, please leave a comment!

*EDIT: I know, I know, it's strictly not possible to distinguish wether someone really speaks a language or not by looking at his/her Duo lvl... but you know, If you took the time to reach lvl 15 then you will probably be able to at least say some stuff in that language and even interact with someone.

September 6, 2017



The Duolingo levels really tell nothing about your ability to speak a language. Some people have previous knowledge of the language and they can stay at a low level simply because they don't need to review, while other may repeat Basics 1 over and over and achieve level 25 that way. If you're only able to say "I'm a man", saying you "speak" a language is overselling it. Still others may have finished the tree and achieved level 15 five years ago but haven't visited the language since, thus probably forgetting almost everything they learned (apart from "I'm a man").


Of course it's not the best way to look at Duolingo lvl to see if someone speaks a language correctly. I myself speak Spanish as mother tongue and have not even lvl 1, but it is about who mastered to a certain level the highest number of languages HERE in Duolingo.

Btw lvl 25 by doing only Basics 1 implies doing that thing about 3000 times, and not looking at the rest of Duolingo lessons. I highly doubt anyone could ever do that.


Some people finish their tree at level 11, and I'm guessing they know enough to speak a bit of the language, so putting level 15 as the lowest level in which you have learned enough to speak really isn't correct.


Wowsers, I cant imagine learning that quickly; I've only finished 11 skills and am at lvl 10 lol!


Me either. I'm at level 12 on Spanish and I haven't even finished half the tree! But I'm trying to finish Czech at level 11


It's only possible with certain trees. With Norwegian or German it would be impossible, but I finished Spanish at 11, and Ukrainian at 10, so it is possible in theory.


Oh my gosh, Thank you so much whoever gave me these lingots!


There was a user about a year ago who was level 25 in every language combination offered. It turns out he was using a bot to cheat. Who knows what he got out of it. He was banned from the site. Before that though, every few days there would be a post "I've reached level 25 in my 32nd tree" etc. So while many (almost all) of those with high stats will be genuine, watch out for anyone with crazy stats.


I remember that. He was also on the Hungarian team for awhile when the Hungarian course was being developed. He ended up being shadowbanned.


That's really amazing


I don't think chasing level 25s in everything is conducive to actually learning the languages. The tree loses usefulness before you reach that level and you need to turn to other resources to make progress, although periodic regilding is useful and the levels rise gradually over time. Neither does level 15 mean you can speak a language. I would only say I can speak French and German besides English but I can understand at least ten now.


I understand that (as that's my position with Spanish now) but the OP was wondering about users with high statistics. I didn't see a link to the profile that I knew had some of the highest so I linked it.


Hey cool conversation just remember to keep it clean.

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