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how do you get notifications off of your notifications bar because mine is getting pretty full

September 6, 2017



1. Go to settings (Hover over your profile pic)
2. Go to notifications
3. Change the settings as you please
4. Make sure to click save changes! (On the top right)
5. Done! :D


thanks that helped a lot ;p ( look at the emoji sideways)


well you have to go to settings on your main page then either delete or decide to not getyour notifications anymore. hope this helps!!!(:


Do you notice when the notification bell i.e. bell, is golden? That is when new notifications you haven't seen yet come in. As soon as you click on the bell, those become "old" notifications. Notice that after you click on the bell, then click the x to close it, it is not bright golden? That is because you have already seen the other notifications. When new notifications come in, the bell will turn gold again. Your bell cannot hold more than 5 notifications at a time. That is where you email comes in handy.

You cannot turn off your bell notifications (in the upper right hand corner). However, if you should choose to, you may disable your email notifications. I would keep them on though, for then you can see everyone who comments in a discussion you are following, or someone who replies to you and you couldn't see because your bell is full.


hey what does it mean when someone passes you? i saw it on my settings to get rid of some of my notifications.


When it notifies you that someone passed you, that means they have passed you in XP (experience points).


oh now that i know what it means i feel kinda silly not knowing what it meant :)

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