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How can I stay consistent?

I am so bad at staying consistent on here and language learning in general. I do a few of these or read a language book one day then don't continue it for like two weeks.

September 6, 2017



Try maintaining a streak of about 10 XP. Consistency is very important if you really want to learn and master something. Set a time and place (even an alarm on your phone or w/e) to do it and follow through.

On days when you have more time or enthusiasm, don't overdo it. Stick to the agreed upon XP. Over time, increase it to 20 XP and so on.

See how that works out for a while and readjust. Good luck.


Agreed, the amount you do doesn't matter. Just do it everyday! That's the first step.


Solving that problem is going to need some insight. You'll need to spend some time thinking about what it is that stops you, on the days that you don't practise.

Working at keeping a streak can help give you an incentive. I've set my target to 1XP per day, just to keep me coming back.


I recognize that I'm a lot like the ocean, I have high tides and low tides - when I'm into something, you can't keep me from it. When I'm not, you can't drag me to it. So I accept that about myself and enjoy learning when I feel like it - and when I don't, I don't punish myself for not doing something I don't want to do. Sure, I end up having to a fair amount of review to catch up, but that's okay with me because that just means I'll learn it better.


You can take the 7 day wager. The fear of losing your lingots or the thrill of gaining another 5 might help you stay consistent.

Also, will power is everything. Don't get distracted and focus


I believe the trick is that you just have to motivate yourself for just 1 to 5 mins and very small goals.
Once you are in, it is much easier to stay for 15, 20, 30 or even 45-60 mins in one bigger task.

I read that on a Polyglot blog - and it is true.

Therefore my Memrise coach goal is set to 1500 points minimum.
If I am good (on the Memrise web) and I review words which I have learned well before, I can easily collect 100-150 points per word.

Therefore reaching the course streak is not that hard.
If I fail to recall a lot of words, well then I will only receive 15, 45 to 5x points and reaching the course streak and 1500 min points is a lot harder.
I could clearly saw it some days ago:

  • I had to reach my Memrise streak goal..
  • I was not motivited that day, wanted to focus on DuoLingo grammar lessons...
  • but nevertheless wanted to at least continue that 14+ days streak (it is not the first time, that the course streak reset to 0 - I am really missing a streak freeze option on Memrise!!!).
  • Once I was in, I continued the bigger 100 words review (all typing in L2 target Portuguese language) session until the very end - so my backlog queue was finally 0.

I would have expected to break out from the full web review session after reaching 1500 points (just a click, quite easy)...but it was suddenly easy to continue the session and I was really motivated to keep the review going until the end.
This is one of the reasons I set my DuoLingo coach goal (web setting) to 1XP.
The later Android app versions always reset that after a learning session to 10XP++ (there are new lesson confirmation dialogs, which IMHO just suck; you can only choose between 10-50XP); this was different on older app versions!

I would be very skeptical with a DuoLingo coach goal of 50XP: You have to reach it EVERY DAY - otherwise your streak is reset to 0!!! What a crap!


  • Don't try to set too unrealistic / big goals like "I need to review (all) 200-600 backlog words", "complete a full Duo skill", retake a finished Memrise course (300+ words) = full review, learn and sit down for 1h-2h.

  • You need to "trick" your brain and suddenly you do not want to stop anymore...just because you are in the flow.

The biggest mountain is, that you need to get up from your sofa and start walking (after redessing).
Once you have managed to get into walking, you will be suddenly motivated to pass one nearer step after another...and suddenly you have climbed that big mountain ;)

  • Another trick is that BEFORE you get out of your bed in the morning you just take 1-2 DuoLingo strengthen excercises, maybe learn another 1-2 new lessons and you suddenly will have finished 40-50XPs.

  • Don't wait until the late evening (you may have get aslept, you may wake up after 23:59:59, you may find TV more funny than language learning, etc.)

  • If that all does not work: Try the DuoLingo "Timed Practice" on the web (1XP questions) and see how many quick question translatons you can answer in a row.

  • If all Memrise / DuoLingo web translation stuff (even "Timed Practice") does not help, fallback to the Android mobile app tapping exercises (you can even do that on a Laptop with Bluestacks emulator installed on Windows)

  • My last ressort would be multiple-choice word reviews on Memrise instead of no weekly / monthly typing review (depending on your forgetting curve) at all:

Honestly, I try to avoid "multiple-choice", until now.
I only do "Speed reviews" on the Memrise Android app (web has timer bug), if my normal backlog queue is 0 (no words to water).
Therefore practically I will have to push my backlog further and further back and "wait" for THAT moment when I can push myself forward to review 1-n finished Memrise courses on the web with typing excercises. .
With typing I get no "false positives" there, that is words I only used to know because of more easy multiple-choice / listen audio questions.....
....but with typing/recalling in the L2 target language on the web, I would simply fail to know that word/phrase and the spaced repetition (SR) interval would not be pushed further back, but instead I would have to review the same word (incorrect answer) just after 3h/12h.

Well, everything has it's two sides and pros and cons....

With easier reviews I would probably remember more often some words.
But remembering is NOT recalling, and a wrongly kicked back review (typing) interval may also not be the best for future watering.

On the DuoLingo web unfortuantely there is no way to disable multiple-choice excercise questions :-(


i agree with these guys it doesn't matter how much you do, just to do your best and give it all you got.


Hello, it was the same for me so now to be consistent I just strengthen my skills for 2 - 3 minutes then I want to do more exercises until I realize I have got 200 xp, it's like I trick my brain. I've read somewhere that it takes about 5 minutes to start focusing really on a thing.


like satishvc said, try maintaining a consistent streak and daily XP of 10 to 20 XP every day. i had the same exact problem, where i was constantly losing my streak, forgetting to actually DO, so if you can, just maintain a streak, do at least 10 XP every day, and i think you will definitely get more consistent! :)


also, maintaining a wager helped me a lot! where i was afraid to lose my lingots, and it caused me to become more consistent.


Try a 7 day streak ! that's what it is for. Start today, we've all been there... Good luck.


Have a schedule as a written commitment. Reward yourself if you stick with it. Plan ahead and work on your language every day. No excuse and no free day. Breaks are important though.

You could "punish" yourself if you don't stick to it. Tell a friend and give him 10 euro / dollars or whatever your currency is if you don't stick to your schedule. The amount of money can be higher. It should be painful enough to stick with it.


Try the DuoLingo Android app.

If can't get up to start that one skill on the DuoLingo web portal, you will be amazed how easy the tapping exercises on the mobile app are.
It is a real booster to finish lessons and collect a lot of XPs (including bonus XPs) a day.

You can later review the skill on the web by typing and recalling the learned words.


I try to do at least one crown a day. At max i will do 2 crowns but never more than that in 1 day. It is actually easier than it looks to over-clog your brain with information

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