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"Don't say anything to Kateřina!"

Translation:Kateřině nic neříkej!

September 6, 2017



Šlo by "Nic neříkej Kateřině!"?


Yes. Although it sounds a bit strange.

'Kateřině nic neříkej!' or 'Nic Kateřině neříkej!' is much, much better.


Could be the common tongue speaking but it makes perfect sense to me if you want to stress the person who is not supposed to be told.


Or neříkej Kateřině nic?


I guess I found a typo.

My answer was: "Kateřine neříkej nic".

And I got:

Pay attention to the accents. Katerine neříkej nic!

So, do we suddenly need a "regular" R here, or is that really a typo?


Our accepted answers in English contain the names both with and without diacritics (Kateřina/Katerina) - this is intentional so that when someone types with plain basic latin letters in English, they don't get the "pay attention" warning.

Why we include these versions in the Czech accepted answers though, that's beyond me.

Anyway, you triggered the warning because you wrote "Kateřine" instead of the correct "Kateřině". There are actually two letters with diacritics in the dative form of the name.

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