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"Người đàn ông này cũng nghĩ như chúng tôi."

Translation:This man also thinks like us.

September 6, 2017



Why would some person think like us? Nobody thinks what we think.(at least I don't think so.)


He's not thinking what we're thinking. He's thinking LIKE us, meaning it could be sonething like a perspective of life or how to solve problems.


The way this is phrased may involve at least 4 persons. We (at least 2), the one the sentence speaks about (1) and the word also is not necessary if that is all. If "also" is used there could be at least a fourth person who also thinks like them. I think this fourth person is not intended and then "also" should not be used. However, it is also possible that the word "also" refers to something else, like for example the man looks like them and also thinks like them. So it is a complicated sentence.

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