"Ti muži jsou mladí a hezcí."

Translation:Those men are young and handsome.

September 6, 2017



Can anyone explain the difference between to and ti when in plurals?

September 6, 2017


In the Plural there is no "to". When there is a "to", it's the same as in "there is some castles" (i guess that doesn't work that well in english, in german (es gibt) and spanish (hay) and french (il y a) it works better).


"ti" is for male and alive nouns in nominative

"Ty" is for male and alive nouns in accusative

as well as for male and non-alive nouns and for female nouns both in nominative and accusative.

"Ta" (in plural) in for neutral nouns also both in nominative and accusative


I translated it as "These men are young and handsome." For example, if you're looking at some pictures and picking out the young and handsome ones. These was marked wrong. How would I know from the Czech whether it should be these or those?


I'm not sure, but what about 'tihle'


Does anyone else hear a weird syllable in a male voice somewhere around mladí a?


No, but there is a distinct skip in the audio when I play it at the normal speed. At slow speed, it's OK.


Yes, the audio seems to have overlaid the two words "mladí" and "hezcí". I got it wrong because I only wrote "hezcí". Could we request a new recording?


No, unfortunately, these "recordings" are automatically generated by a TTS system which is produced by an external vendor. We have no control over it at all. There are much more serious defects that no-one repairs.

You can suggest disabling the audio exercise if it is too hard or even impossible to recognize. I do not think it is the case here.


I use application and in this sentence there is a word 'nový' among the other english words. Is it ok?


You mean among the tiles to choose from? Duolingo selects those automatically, we have no control over them. They can include anything they want, a word in Czech, Swahili, or even Klingon, whatever.


Sorry, it just seemed very strange to me.

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