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Due to new classes, I've regrouped my classrooms. how do I download new class list login info pls?

September 6, 2017



You can't re-download passwords; they're only available when accounts are newly created. After that point, a password is owned by the user, and should only ever be known by them.

You can see the list of students and their usernames by clicking on your classroom. With any luck your students will remember their passwords, but if not, you can reset them through the Duolingo for Schools interface.


I generated a new list of students for a classroom, but the list of logins and passwords did not appear. Now what do I do?


Do you mean you created accounts for your students? As well as giving you the PDF to download, the system emails that list to you. All you need to do is check your email.


If we were talking about student's personal Duolingo accounts, then yes, the school has no ownership. But, there really should be a function for the teacher of a classroom ( 6 classes in my case) to get to / see / download a list of usernames & passwords. The students are minors and using these accounts under the direction of the school as part of their classes. Each year, the students advance in grade level, presumably, and change classrooms. A new classroom roster is needed, therefore, to administrate the student accounts. I hope Duolingo will add a feature to do that to make Duolingo in the classroom an easier to use product. Thanks!


CS & ICT teacher here. One of the most important lessons all kids (and adults) needs to learn is that the only person who should ever know their password is them. A huge number of scams happen because people haven't understood that lesson. Duolingo should not undermine that, and neither should any other organisation, especially not a school. No IT system will reveal a user's password, only reset it.

Duolingo does let you do what you want to do - any student who's forgotten their password, you can reset it for them.

Duolingo still needs a better mechanism for moving students from one class to another, though.


I have no problem with how I need to move students from year to year into different classrooms, and how Duolingo manages that, so I'm happy with that...

In terms of passwords, if the policy of ' no view, & under no circumstance' is written in stone, then the username & password sheets should not be downloadable from the getgo upon the creation of a student account. By allowing for the usernames & passwords to be download that first time, the rule is broken.

Also, if we were talking about adults who own their own Duolingo accounts, fine. But we're talking about 6 to 11 year olds relying upon their school to manage all aspects of their technology. Our educators routinely manage this for their students, passwords and all. You cannot ask children that have no access to email, and barely know what a browser is, to manage their own technology, it just does not work like that when you have 500+ students. If I have student Charley MacGuillicutty's homeroom teacher, parent, or school administrator, ask for access to his Duolingo account, I need to be able to provide that. Or another example, if I am requested to provide a classroom username & passwords list to a homeroom teacher, I need to be able to do that. Right now, I would have to reset all students' passwords, which is not very efficient, and incidentally, then I know the password - again, ' no view, & under no circumstance' for passwords is broken.


The initially allocated passwords can be given out / downloaded because they're randomly generated - no-one is sharing a password chosen by the user. The same applies to you resetting a student's password; you know a password you've chosen, not one they have.

If another user wants to monitor a student's account, that student needs to join a second classroom belonging to the parent, teacher, or school administrator.

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