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  5. Klingon is sooooo close!


Klingon is sooooo close!

What is your opinion on klingon?

September 6, 2017



I am going to do it when it comes out.... I and my whole family are all trekies. My cousin and a couple of my friends are also going to learn it.


Yay, I personally think it would be awesome to learn it, glad you think so tho.


What is Klingon? ( hi again!!) weird name!!LOL!


Klingon is a language in Star Trek. Duolingo is making a language for it and it is so close to being released...So I am excited. and Hi


WHAT??!!!??? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


i think it is awesome and would so totally learn it if i could


Well, this is only my opinion, and I could be wrong;

They say Klingon is a fully developed language, but I am not sure about that. I have the tentation of studying it. but these reasons make me not studying it:

What I like of the klingon is that it has a lot of strange sounds, but it is really difficult to understand how to pronounce them, and even more if you don't have any Klingon speaker teacher with patience to teach you.

Its alphabet is fine and a great idea, I have not problem with that.

As it suposed to be an Alien language, its words are not related to any language, so it will require a considerable effort, a lot of time and practice to learn them.

And about the immersion aspect, no comments about that. But Klingon is a language that I would study if I had enough motivation.


Wow, you bring up a great and amazing point on that.. thank you for your comment!


what is yours, Peter4life?


My opinion would be that it would be difficult but very awesome and amazing to learn as a language.


All for it, it would be the hardest constructed language on Duo yet, Esperanto and High Valyrian don't hold a candle in terms of difficulty.


I know right! I honestly think it would be an awesome language to learn for fun.

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