I ve just complete processive nouns skill and some thing is counfueseing me i know Ihr can mean plurl You ,but in processive nouns skillmit used Ihr it mean "her" can someone tell me when Ihr means you or her

September 6, 2017


Well, ihr = you (plural, informal) in the nominative case

Ihr seid Frauen = you are women

but also ihr means her, it is the dative of sie.

Ich gebe ihr einen Apfel = I give her an apple.

Moreover, ihr can also appear in the Genitive

Das ist ihr Hund = That is her dog

Das ist Ihr Hund = That is your dog (here it is the genitive of Sie (formal you))

Das ist ihr Hund = That is their dog.. this works too.

Hi jzsuzsi,
I think you smashed this question, I just felt like being a bit pedantic. Sorry :P

In the sentence/s:

„Das ist ihr/Ihr Hund.“

"Ihr" isn't actually a genitive personal pronoun, but rather a nominative possessive pronoun.

P.S. The genitive personal pronoun for "Sie/sie" is "Ihrer/ihrer".


When I looked into possessive pronouns a few months ago I found out this is specifically either a "possessive adjective" or a "dependent possessive pronoun".

Apologies again for the pedanticism.

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