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does any one want a Choctaw course

September 6, 2017



It would be interesting to see but it might be hard with the number of speakers there are - according to Wikipedia, 10,000 and falling. Is there a contributor who has good knowledge of the language and would be willing to create a course?


I think that every language eventually deserves a Duo Lingo course. Of course, there will naturally be priorities, depending on the usefulness of the language in question, but all languages are important, regardless of the number of speakers. Having a Duo Lingo course for a language would ensure that the language never eventually faded away...which would be a great shame.


I am one eighth Choctaw, my grandma is half. I would LIKE to see it, but if there are any hopes of a Native American language being added, Quechua and Guaraní (which is already here) will come first, but as far as the USA is concerned, Navajo will likely be added first, as the amount of Navajo speakers is more than all other native languages in the USA combined.


Put me down for "yes". Don't forget that both Irish and Welsh were seen as circling the drain before Duolingo breathed new life into them.

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While Duolingo has made it very easy for lots of Irish people to re-learn and improve on a language that they hadn't used since they left school, it's absurd to suggest that Duolingo has "breathed new life into" Irish, never mind Welsh. I certainly haven't seen any figures to suggest that sales of Irish language books have increased significantly in the last 3 years, or that the numbers of viewers/listeners to Irish language TV and radio shows has increased significantly since Duolingo added the Irish course.

Don't get me wrong - Duolingo is a great first step in learning the basics of Irish (I wouldn't be reading basic books in Irish, and listening to Irish language media today if I hadn't come across Duolingo), and it has encouraged a lot of people to take that first step, but "beatha teanga í a labhairt" - a language must be spoken to live, and Duolingo alone doesn't equip people to that. Duolingo, along with other social media tools, are providing more ways for Irish speakers to engage with each other, and the world, through the Irish language, especially for Irish speakers whose primary language is English but who choose to speak Irish, but the pressures on Irish as a community language haven't gone away, and Duolingo is not really doing anything to stem the continuing decline of Irish as a primary language (again, not a criticism of Duolingo, that's simply a problem that is far beyond the scope of Duolingo).


just about 10 miles from where i live a full blood Choctaw lady how speaks Choctaw and teaches Choctaw language classes and the Choctaws have a language website i know a little


To make a Choctaw course you need to be fluent in Choctaw as well as English. And there's the matter of whether Duolingo will accept a Choctaw course.

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