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German syllables and accents

I am beginning to learn/study German and it would help enormously if I could reference a tool, short of a paper dictionary, that would break German words into their syllables and accents. My thinking is I could try to practice the correct pronunciation from the start. Can anyone recommend such a tool that notes syllables and accents?

Many thanks !

September 6, 2017



not sure but i was wondering the same thing.


An interesting question indeed. Although this would be helpful I personally would advice that you just learn the words by heart and then the pronunciation will come to you in many cases. Duolingo's pronunciation is pretty bad so indeed I would suggest going somewhere else for pronunciation but for just the learning of the language I would diffidently support Duolingo. And By the way I don't have any websites or places in mind but I'm sure you could find something.


Hi cluney2, That you for not only understanding my question but finding it interesting and providing a response. I am quite familiar with the pronunciation from both Duolingo and Google Translate. Learning the word by heart would be substantially accelerated by a clear view of the syllables and accents. I have looked for such a site that would do just this but I am not able to find one.

Since you are sure I could find such a site (that is, one that shows the syllables and accents of German words) any chance you were able to find such a site?? Fingers crossed, you will find the search for such a site interesting.


Hi ny330radno,
There are two websites that come to mind regarding your question:

  1. Duden - The go-to de facto dictionary for all German speakers. It has lots of information per word, including a syllable break-down and audible pronunciation. What I believe it lacks is specific written down information pertaining to the pronunciation i.e. accents/emphasis.

  2. Forvo - Just about every word. Pronounced. By a native speaker. Sometimes more. I've found it really useful when I'm not sure how to pronounce a word or am uncertain of the difference in pronunciation between different words.

Okay, I said there were only two, but another two have popped into my head since starting:

  1. Wikipedia - Needs no introduction. This often has pronunciation guides for words, however...

  2. Wiktionary - ...always does. I actually think this could (and maybe should) be your first point of call for this sort of stuff. I just checked out Brötchen as an example and they've got the pronunciation written out in IPA (if you're serious about wanting the correct pronunciation, I would seriously consider learning the IPA system), the audible pronunciation, and then the audible pronunciation in Austrian German as well!

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