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  5. all my progress is lost!


all my progress is lost!

Please help! I use Duolingo in my ipad. Today when I went back to my Portuguese lessons I saw that all my learnt lessons were back to zero. I don´t feel back to start again! Any suggestion?


March 31, 2014



Hi! I see that you are at 'Animales' and have done 1/4 lessons in that skill. You have also unlocked 'Alimentos 2' and have completed 0/5 lessons. Is that accurate?


It shows you Portuguese is level 4. Most likely you're seeing your lessons decayed. You can go ahead with the next lessons.


False Alarm! Uffff... It seems that for any reason I changed to Portuguese from English, and I was studying Portuguese from Spanish. Now I can see again my progress. Thank you for the answers anyway.

Kind regards

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