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  5. "Kočka žere žrádlo."

"Kočka žere žrádlo."

Translation:The cat is eating the food.

September 6, 2017



Can anyone explain difference between "jidlo" and "žrádlo"? (same for the appropriate verbs jist a žrat).. Is it the same as "Есть" and "Жрать" ("Еда" и "Жратва") in russian?


so, is it "žrát" assigned to animals as a their "eating activity" or can they also "jíst"? In polish "żreć/žrát" is more an offensive synonym of "eat".


From what I understand, žrát is used with most animals, but jíst can be used with pets as well as with people. With people, as you mentioned, žrát is considered offensive.


thx for the answer, i consider it from my polish perspective, we have "żreć/žrát" only in offensive kind of meaning, people and animals only "jedzą/jedí"


Is it right that the l of zradlo isn't to hear?


No, it isn't right. It can be heard in reality and also in both Duolingo voices.


Why can't it be cat is eating food but has to be the cat is eating the food?


In English you need some article. "A cat" or "the cat", just "cat" on its own does not work in English here.

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