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"We do not need to remember their names."

Translation:Jejich jména si pamatovat nepotřebujeme.

September 6, 2017



Could the word order be the same as in English: "nepotřebujeme si pamatovat jejich jména"?


Proč není to "jejich jména nepotřebujeme si pamatovat"?


Second position rule for 'se'


Is it correct to say "Pamatovat si jejich jména nepotřebujeme"?


It is quite strange.


Why is it strange? Really, it's not obvious... And what about: nepotřebujeme si jejích jména pamatovat? Why was it rejected?


This one is possible. Th former one likely is well, but it sounds somewhat strange. But if you strongly stress "Pamatovat...", it will work as well.

The same sentence will often sound OK or really weird depending on the stress and intonation. And when you ask here "Is this correct?" we have to find out the stress and intonation that it make it to work (well or at least so-so) and it is sometimes not obvious.

Finally, there is only one real answer "Why was it rejected?" for all the sentences in this course. It is because it is not among the accepted translations (yet, perhaps). We do not actively add sentences that should be rejected. We only only add sentences that should be accepted. Often, the reason is simply because it is missing and shall be reported using the "My answer should have been accepted" report button. And then, after some time, hopefully someone will add it. Mind you, it can take some time, even months.

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