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Posting photos

Does anyone know how to post a photo in the reply section? I have photo editing software on my computer Thanks for any replies.

September 6, 2017



In order to post an image on Duolingo, you'll need to upload your image to Imgur and then follow the instructions here in order to format your post.



To get the image address, right-click any image on the net and select copy image address ( or something similar to that if you're on a different browser ). When finished, it should like something like this :

Text :


Result :

As 0xSyn said, if you want to use images from your computer, you'll have to upload them online first. Most people use Imgur for this, but I think any social media platform should work.


Oh it works with any image link, I was under the impression that other sites were filtered out. Now I can delete my Imgur account lol! Thanks, have a lingot. xD

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