Finished the Danish tree!!!

While I understand that I'm only about halfway there, I am so happy because I start school on the 9th of this month, and my goal was to get as many trees done as I could before then. Esperanto is done, French is close too, then Spanish next (I'm within 20 of the end) but German is a huge tree!!! I have like 52 lessons left....

My method had been to switch to another language when I leveled up, and I know which language to work on based on the lower number. But I have been trying hard to get these trees done, and I did notice better retention spending more time in in one language.

Love it here in Duolingo!!


September 6, 2017


Tillykke håber du kan lide sproget

September 8, 2017

jeg elsker dansk

September 8, 2017

good for you. i just start learning Danish. idky i get butterflies whenever i start my lessons. and i'm afraid that later i'll realize that i made a huge mistake by spending time on it instead of learning another language. any way, would you tell me please how you manged to learn all of these languages together. because i just finished my Spanish tree and i'd like to learn french too but want to learn Danish at the same time. and i can't figure it out if you know what i mean. how do you manage your time to learn?.

September 29, 2017

hej Amina!

I had started Spanish a long time ago, and never really could commit. Then earlier in the spring, I learned the principle of "load". Here's a little story to illustrate: A guy goes up to the mountains to get a load of firewood. When he drives off the road, he gets stuck in the snow. No matter how hard he hits the gas, his tires just spin. He's frustrated and discouraged. After sitting by the road for a while and finding NO ONE driving by to help, he starts killing time by cutting, and loading wood into the back of his truck. After a coupe hours the truck is full, he hops in the cab, says a prayer, and starts it up. He decides to give it a try, and guess what? He drives right out. Why? Because the weight of the firewood (the load) helps the tires to gain purchase with the ground: they no longer spin, but grab hold.

For me, adding more load was the answer. When I got to the tire spinning point in French or German (like my brain couldn't breathe anymore and my stomach was like a brick), I would switch to Danish, Esperanto, or Spanish, and it felt like relief! I find that this still works today.

I have recently started school again, and don't have the same time to dedicate to Duo, but I work and review every day. Before school, I spent a couple hours a day in here. If the tv was on, I was in here. I have a back injury, and so have more down time than normal, so if I was on the couch, I was in here. It helped me not to lose my mind =).

Good luck! What is your native language?

September 30, 2017


September 7, 2017

tak =) !

September 7, 2017


September 12, 2017
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