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The Czech Course!

I'm so excited to see that the Czech course is now in beta! I've already given it a bit of a try, and I wanted to share some thoughts (mainly to convince everybody else that they should give it a try, too!)

First of all, I love how the course doesn't start with plain old nouns like 'the woman' and 'the man.' Useful, yes, but not particularly interesting. Instead of this, the Czech course begins with adjectives and nouns, so you see things like 'another animal,' 'pretty trees,' and various other little phrases. That keeps it fun!

Secondly, I like how thorough and clear the Tips and Notes are. The course contributors really nailed it there, and it's great to be confused and to realize that the answer is right under your nose.

Thirdly, I like the fact that the first lesson is titled 'Hello!' Seriously, now - that's sweet, Duo! I also like now the next three lessons are broken down by grammatical gender, so we can see how adjectives and words change based on that. This is good practice, and keeps everything nicely compartmentalized.

The one thing I would like to see that isn't available right now is an on-screen keyboard for accented letters, like the French course has. I already have Russian keyboard stickers on my laptop, and I don't foresee any Czech stickers fitting on top. :)

(Edit: if only all of our wishes were granted so easily . . .)

Huge thanks to all the course contributors! They have done stellar work, adding yet another language to the amazing and beloved Duolingo.


September 6, 2017



''The one thing I would like to see that isn't available right now is an on-screen keyboard for accented letters...''

Weird... I have that...


HA so do I! Perhaps that's an addition, or . . . possibly I just missed it. Hurrah for the keyboard!


Hmm I don't have any of the accents either. I wonder what happened. :/


When I did the Czech course yesterday it didn't have the special letters. I checked it again a couple minutes ago and it was there.


So I'm not dreaming!


Do you like the sound of Czech or some other element of it?


Hmm . . . I like several things about it, but I think one of my favorite things is that it is so close to Russian, which I am also learning but am much more advanced in. Also its grammar is comparatively simple, which is also quite endearing. :)

[deactivated user]

    Just out of curiosity, is Czech grammar easier than Russian grammar in your opinion?


    How easy/hard is Czech to learn / language portal Czech details / Similarities with Russian: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24333207$comment_id=24339546


    I think it's far easier personally. But then, I haven't gotten very far, so there may be a surprise lurking ahead. :)

    [deactivated user]

      Interesting. I have a friend who's learning Russian and I'm learning Czech. Her teacher started Czech classes with my teacher and she quit them because she felt it was too hard. xD

      I really really want to learn some Russian someday but first I have a long way to go on my quest to conquer Czech.


      When a new course goes into beta, I always do the first lesson, just to check it out. Then, I usually delete the language and continue on with the ones I'm already working on. But after doing the first lesson, I am seriously considering putting Spanish on the back burner and learning Czech. Awesome job, Team Czech! Your lessons are compact and have cool titles! Dating? Nations? What the?! Not the expected. Which I love!


      I love it already!


      Czech is hard but I'll keep to it. My brain hurts, but no pain, no gain! ;-)


      I am thrilled to see Czech and have started ploughing through. Credit for coming up with a new course. I second the need for an onscreen keyboard for characters and also note that the czech course unlike (say) French and Spanish, doesn't make sufficient use of reporting of words you have just learnt by mixing them up and using the same word pattern in different ways to aid recall, i.e. By listening, by saying, by writing and reading within the next few lines: i.e. Pretty Girl ( in all those ways) then Pretty Street, then ugly street then back to Pretty girl. Also, I find the other two courses seem to make a better go of using pictures and symbols, colors and numbers so you can learn vocabulary quickly. Not being native Czech, some words I just don't know and it would help if they were labeled in such way. I'm appreciative of this completely just a few things. Also, getting it on the app would be good. I know my sister is trying to learn y but can't get sound.

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