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My article about Duolingo + advices

Hi, Duolingo users and admins.I am a passionate learner of the Italian language and I have a blog dedicated to my passion- the Bel Paese

I decided to write an article about my opinion about Duolingo with pros and cons and also to give advices to the users learning Italian and just overall everyone who learns something.

I would be grateful if you read it and tell me if you agree with me or no.

link : http://passioneitalia.tk/learning-italian-duolingo/

Thank you Viktoria

September 6, 2017



''If you don't speak English you can study in your native language so there is absolutely no problem!'' Not true, my native language is german and there like only 3 courses. I need to learn italian and they only offer spanish, english (which I'm fortunately fluent in, but I know a bunch of people who aren't) and french. So it's kind of a problem xD

and the stuff that estoyuna already mentioned

other than that, great review :3


Sadly, you are right.If I am talking about my native language (Bulgarian) there won't be probably even a real course and let's not talk about learning French or Italian in Bulgarian. I suppose most of the people out there are French or English or Spanish so it's easier for them...


''10XP; so basically, whatever you do, you have a casual daily goal. I am not really sure if there is something which gives you 1-9 XP, so the basic goal is a bit...useless.''

Timed practice on the web and bots on iOS can give you 1-9 XP, as well as 11-19 and 21-29.

''...because this is an expensive widget...''

Most people have 100+ lingots, so not that expensive.

''And here comes the second problem ---> the repeating of the same few words/sentences over and over. Maybe if the word/sentence is really hard or twisted, like gioielleria (jewelry), it's a good thing to write it several times, but come on!! Don't make me write the word data (date) so many times! Everyone will learn it after the first time''

You apparently have a very good memory. While that's a great thing, not everyone can retain new words as easily, which is why there is repetition.

Awesome article! I really liked reading it!


thank you :) I know that many people have a lot of lingots but for the beginners like me it's hard to waste and also spend money :D Thank you also for the compliment for the memory.I don't think it's true anyway...(I forget easily)


You have 54 lingots - I'll give you some so that you can buy the skills you want to. Nice review. :)


OMG THATS WHY I SUDENLLY HAD 132...omg thank you. I bough idioms and one freeze streak...I though it was a bug :D


You're welcome/моля/prego! ^^


ohh so kind :) моля is in bulgarian :) :)


Very well laid out, love it!

Here are some more links/advice for learning Italian: http://languagesenrose.tumblr.com/post/153056431931/the-ultimate-resource-post-italian

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