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  5. I'm so sad I lost my streak


I'm so sad I lost my streak

I thought I had a steak freeze one day and I was so tired and so I just went to bed And I lost it in the morning

September 6, 2017



Sorry you lost your streak.

Using GMT, no XP was recorded for you or you didn't meet your XP goal on the Duolingo servers last Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. See the report below and adjust for your time zone.

Here's my standard advice on keeping a streak:

You need to make sure your XP is registered each day, if you want to ensure that your streak continues. Completing a lesson each day is not sufficient because you may have had connectivity issues with the Duolingo servers, or you may have closed the app or web page before the XP could register.

To double-check that my XP was registered, I refresh the Duolingo web site after using it or the app. The two things I check are that the flame icon has the check mark on it and my streak number has increased as expected.

Extended profile information for matthewHow4502 extracted from:


Current streak: 1
Last streak: 163
Days ago: 6
Streak Freeze: Not currently equipped
Daily goal: 10
Account created: ~6 months ago
Streak Repair available (Android/iOS only): False
Lingots: 312

XP registered for each session in the last 7 days of practice: (GMT)
0 at Wed Aug 30 03:46:36
11 at Wed Aug 30 03:50:46
10 at Fri Sep 01 04:20:11
10 at Fri Sep 01 04:24:31
10 at Fri Sep 01 04:25:55
10 at Fri Sep 01 04:27:39
10 at Wed Sep 06 19:22:18

Report created: 2017-09-06 21:06:43


thanks for the advice


how does one accuire this information?


One acquires it from the extended profile I linked to above. In my case, I wrote a Python script to extract and format the information.


Hello Cleeent. I want to tell you about something that's happening to me. Three days ago I lost my streak and bought the Repair Streak tool through Apple Store. The credit card was charged but the streak wasn't repaired. I posted an issue on Duolingo troubleshooting and got an answer. I reply with the information required by the automatic response. I got an answer, which I believe, clearly demonstrates that lack of attention and willingness to solve a customer issue (Especially one that involves money)

"Thank you for contacting Duolingo community support.

We are aware that some Duolingo Plus subscribers are experiencing a bug and still seeing ads. We're working hard on a resolution.

We appreciate your patience at this time."

I told the person, that I bought the repair my streak and the streak wasn't repaired. that I sent all the information they requested. I asked her how was it that they didn't know what my problem was about

I went to bed. When I woke up, I found a message saying my streak was repaired. And happily, I went and checked. Surprise! my streak was zero

I don't like it

Could you please help me?



What was your streak at?


It was at about a hundred and seventy


I lost mine back in January. I was over 300, maybe 330 or something... I was getting close to one year. I was so gutted and I took a break of about a month to recharge, now I'm back at 155 so you'll be doing the same soon... rebuilding and remember - it's a challenge for yourself, so get back on the proverbial horse and keep riding! ¬°Buena suerte! (Good luck!)


oh my... Don't let this demotivate you though!!


I'm sorry! That must be discouragingly hard! Keep working at it though!


It happens....a lot.


I lost a 92 day streak twice. you just have to carry on... hope you'll reach it again soon. And anyway- it's just a number, your learning continues:)

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