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  5. "Have a nice weekend!"

"Have a nice weekend!"

Translation:Hezký víkend!

September 6, 2017



Shouldn't this be "Mjete se hezky vikend!"?


Not exactly. Right is "Hezký víkend" or "Mějte hezký víkend."


I respectfully disagree.

You can say either Hezký víkend. = '(Have a) nice weekend.' or Přeji ti/vám/vám hezký víkend. = 'I wish you (sg informal/sg formal/plural) a nice weekend.'

Mějte hezký víkend doesn't sound right. It's an anglicism (a word/expression borrowed from English) and although you can sometimes hear it in spoken Czech, it's something that is very sub-standard and it should not be used, uttered or even thought of. :)

[deactivated user]

    Is "mějte" connected to the Russian "имейте" as a polite imperative, meaning "please have"?


    Dobry vikend is no wrong?


    Reading the comments, they explained it's an expression, you have to say "Hezký víkend".

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